Far to often I venture on to this information superhighway and get run over by a lot of bad things. There are people wanting to steal my identity, celebrities who act the donkey and politicians who just are not telling the truth. This is a video that is the opposite of all of that. This is a video of a moment, a special moment that anyone who has ever loved a child or a dog or both will find refreshing and moving. There is nothing false about what happens in this video, the love is real, the joy is real, the laughter is contagious.

This makes me think of the many things I am grateful for in my life. I am grateful for sweet dogs and adorable children and people like you who were raised to appreciate them as the treasures they truly are. So how about it, can  you take a minute, literally, to forget the bad stuff and just languish in the simple pleasure of a moment? By the way, you're welcome.