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Watch This Terrifying Video of an Out of Control Lamborghini
Have you ever passed someone in a sports car, watched them rev the engine like a pompous jerk and find yourself thinking something maybe a bit off-color about them? Well, this video shows what we all wish would happen to that guy. In this case, the driver is behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, a yell…
ButtleOpener: The Butt Cheek Bottle Opener Was Too Hot For NASCAR
ButtleOpener is a life-size replica of a woman’s panty-clothed buttocks that serves as a novelty beer bottle opener. Because, of course it is. Watch the ButtleOpener in Action:
While we readily acknowledge that there is probably a woman somewhere in America who can perform this practical function wit…
North Korea Fails To Launch [Video]
We here at the Bruce and the Kennel Club show have acquired video of what we believe could be an accurate depiction of the North Korean failed launch. Warning, the contents of this video are quite graphic in nature, discretion is advised.
Exploding Eggs For Easter [Video]
It's Easter morning, the rabbit has already left the baskets full at your house and you still need some way to make sure everyone is awake for Easter church. I give you the alarm clock that fits the holiday, the exploding Easter egg!
Ridin’ Lawn Mower Cajun Style [Video]
We, the people of South Louisiana, have learned how to not only make do, but make better with what the Good Lord gives us. You can find it in our food, you can see it in our houses and if you want to convince your kids to help out with the yard work this Summer you need to get you one of these. It&a…
Naked Man Loses Horse Race By A….You Tell Me [Video]
It seems some lads were enjoying an afternoon at the races as part of a bachelor party. I am guessing there was drinking involved. I am also guessing that at least one member of the wedding party might have missed the ceremony due to grass stains in a private area or being arrested.
Guy Calls Cops ‘Cuz Drunk Wife Won’t Let Him Facebook
Everyone knows calling 911 is for emergencies only – however, not everyone may see eye to eye when it comes to what constitutes an emergency. Such is the case of a central Florida man who used the digits to report his wife for not letting check his Facebook in peace, even after feeding her bee…
Incredibly Stupid Stunt Goes Inredibly Wrong [Video]
I am pretty sure these fine chaps are not bringing a whole lot of good ingredients to the gene pool. Imagine a big wooden spool, the kind electrical companies use to roll up wire. Now imagine climbing inside that spool and rolling down a steep hill. What could go wrong?

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