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Dog Saves Puppy from Drowning in a Pool [Video]
It seems like every day there is something I find about an animal doing something miraculous!  This has got to be the best thing I've seen in a long time.  A dog is more than a friend.  A dog is a life-saver!  You ever get that warm feeling in your body like life is amazing?…
Unbelievable Skateboarding Bull Dog [Video]
It was really weird to see this video because I, as a human, can't do anything close to this dog!  This dog can skateboard, like a pro.  We always say how amazing animals are, but do we really mean what we say?  I can now say with belief that animals are incredibly smart!
Bird That Amazingly Plays Golf, Basketball, and Several More
It always amazes me how darn smart animals are.  Always able to teach them new tricks, and sometimes they can even perform better than professional athletes (whoops did I just say that out loud).  Please tell me that this isn't really cool!  And seriously a "Hole In One&…