anne hathaway

The Oscars
You heard Tracy talking about the Oscars on the radio: Well it seems that this is the year with the two youngest hosts
Hathaway is “Bat’s” Meow Girl
Do you remember watching Batman on television? I mean the one with Adam West and Burt Ward? That was great entertainment to me in my youth and the crazy campiness of it all made for great fun. Of course the TV show has spawned many movies since the ancient days of my youth and the latest installment…
Confirmed: Anne Hathaway On Glee
Maybe it's the festive atmostphere, the happy party mood, the fact that most of the drinks come from an open bar and tongues get wagging when when Hollywood's elite get together but I sure didn't see this coming. Anne Hathaway of the Princess Diares and Ella Enachanted is becoming a G…