Happy Birthday To You
Congrats to today's cookie cake winner, Glenda Langlinais of New Iberia! Glenda wins a delicious cookie cake or cookie bouquet from Cookies in Bloom in Lafayette. Happy birthday or anniversary to everyone celebrating today!
Jude Gets Shake Weight For His Birthday [Video]
Bruce Mikells is one of the coolest friends a guy can have. He shops in the 'As Seen On TV' section of his local Walgreens. And he brings some of those gems to his dearest friends for their birthdays. There's a special place in heaven for people like him.
What Happend The Year You Were Born!
How do I know what happened the year you were born? Well I have found a really cool site that tells you what happened the year you were born. Be careful some of these fact might make you feel older than you want to feel, but still it's a fun way to start the day right...
Happy Birthday Dolly!
I have had many chances to visit with those who are blessed with the amazing talent it takes to make this music that we love. The one personality that I have yet to visit with personally is Dolly Parton. She is among my favorites. She is genuine, loving and kind and believes in the good in all of us…