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Friday Funnies: Amazing Cat Language
I started this tradition because we all love a good laugh..and since it's Friday and you are going to enjoy the weekend, Let's start it off right!  Love to have your favorite videos- So send them to
Friday The 13th Funnies
It's another Bradley J. Whippersnapper Friday tradition to find the Friday Funny of the day!  Youtube videos, pictures, quotes, just about anything funny and share it with you!  Let's get the weekend
Line Dancing Class [Video]
When I found out that our very own Bruce Mikells took some line dancing classes, I had to take some myself!  I was determined that I wouldn't hurt my knee like
Fun With Monsieur Tete du Patate
Or however you say Mr. Potato Head in French. Did ya'll see Brad Vincent's post and pic with Mr. Potato Head? Well, we got all jealous and wanted to pose with the starchy one. Enjoy:
Crazy Quiz Monday
Question: Adults were asked what they take great care in protecting most these days.  Family and health ranked first and second, but researchers were stunned to see this at number 3?