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North Korea Fails To Launch [Video]
We here at the Bruce and the Kennel Club show have acquired video of what we believe could be an accurate depiction of the North Korean failed launch. Warning, the contents of this video are quite graphic in nature, discretion is advised.
11 Felonies In 9 Hours [Video]
.If you can imagine averaging a felony about every hour and ten minutes then you can imagine the kind of jack wagon this guy is. Somewhere I know his parents must be proud.
Dead Guy In The Elevator: A Hilarious Prank [Video]
If you were tuned in to Tuesday's edition of the Bruce and the Kennel Club show you probably heard Krista say something very strange. One of her bucket list items is to find a dead body. She doesn't want to know the person or doesn't wish any ill will on anyone, she just wants to be t…
Amazing One Man Helicopter: I Want One [Video]
Can you imagine walking out of your house in Lafayette, strapping in to your personal helicopter and then zipping over traffic to a meeting in Baton Rouge in less than half an hour? This could be the next big thing! The personal helicopter!
Bruce Mikells’ Hidden Talent
You might know Bruce from the Bruce and the Kennel Club show on 97.3 The Dawg.  He does his best to keep both you and me entertained and get our mornings off to a great start, even when we don't want to get up..So I figured I'd share with you something you may have never realized he c…
French Designers Battle For Your Soles
You can tell a lot about a person by looking at their shoes. You learn even more if you imagine taking a walk in them. But all philosophical thinking aside, have your ever seen your favorite Hollywood Starlet gracing the red carpet in a pair of red soled shoes? Well two of the biggest names in fashi…
Webcam Mania
We see you! Well not really, we haven't figured out that part yet. But you can see us on our uber-cool webcam. We don't know why we're strange like that but you can watch what goes on in the studio!