Burglar Accused of Skinning and Eating Cat!
If you got past that title without getting a tad squeamish then you get bonus points.
Some weirdo in Phoenix named Russell Christopher Hofstad was arrested after police say he skinned and ate a cat while camping inside a warehouse and music venue.
“Caw Cat” Quit Begging
If you ever thought your kids begged a lot for you to feed them..Imagine seeing this face and not wanting to give in.  Kinda looks like the Cat is "praying" for some food, literally!
Cat Burglar Nabbed in Video
Jeff Foxworthy has a funny story about things coming up missing around the house. He jokes about someone "stealing his remote control and his Doobie Brothers cassette case". Of course those are just things that are misplaced, but as Tracy was telling you on the radio this afternoon. Not ev…

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