How To Get A Cat Off Your Car [Video]
Cats love to climb on cars especially when the weather gets cool. The problem with cats on the car is they leave cat prints everywhere. Here is one persons way of removing the cat from the car in a hilarious fashion.
Cat Staring Contest [Video]
Two cats enter the arena, only one will survive. Actually one of these cats is going to knock the other one off the ledge. Go ahead pick your winner and see if you're correct.
Proof To Show How Odd Cats Can Be [Video]
If you have a cat, you know how weird and bizarre he or she can be. I'm not sure what it is about cats, but I believe it would be quite interesting to know what a cat is thinking at certain times. I have found the most perfect piece of evidence that proves how odd cats can be.
A Washing Machine For Cats [Video]
Giving a cat a bath just got easier and a whole lot more fun to watch. This poor cat is terrified to be in this machine but at least he will come out clean. I can only imagine the kind of revenge this cat is plotting against its owner for doing this.

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