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TV’s Judge Judy Rushed To Hospital
If you're home at anytime during the week day, especially in the afternoon and you don't watch the Weather Channel, chances are you will see a "judge" show. There are a lot of them out there my favorite, Judge Judy.
They Named That Baby What?!?
As parents we all think of our offspring as special, unique and amazing one of a kind creatures. That doesn't mean we have to saddle them with a name that is going to insure a daily beat down at recess, unless of course you happen to be a well know celebrity.
Stars We Lost In 2010
The end of an old year and the promise of a new one always causes time for pause and reflect. This year we mourned the passing of some really special people that made us laugh, cry, and feel alive in our own way through their talents. Take a moment with me to reflect on those stars whose lights dimm…
Lindsay Lohan Goes Postal
Let me see, what time is it? Oh yeah, about time for Lindsey Lohan to be back in the news for acting the donkey. How many strikes does this gal get before somebody realizes that she really has a serious problem and needs more than a band-aid to help her.

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