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Crazy Quiz…In Case You Missed It
On this afternoon's Crazy Quiz, we asked this question:
Who is Hollywood's all-time highest grossing actor, in terms of total gross for the movies they've appeared in?
Correct Answer: Samuel L. Jackson ($8,640,150,950)
“Useless” S. Grant
His real name is not "Useless" but that is what he was called as a child (nickname).  By the way, that was the answer for the Crazy Quiz Monday (May 2nd).  So if you're a Rowdy Friend..go get you some points!  On the other hand, what is one thing that you should…
Crazy Quiz Tuesday April 5th
In 1952 this was introduced, and since then over 50 million have been sold?
Hint 1: "He" is older than you- How will you show him respect when talking to him.
Hint 2: You might say "O" when you realize his eye is his nose...
The Answer:
Crazy Quiz Monday
Question: Adults were asked what they take great care in protecting most these days.  Family and health ranked first and second, but researchers were stunned to see this at number 3?
Crazy Quiz!
In case you missed the Crazy Quiz today:  A female _____has about 4 less teeth than a male _____?
Crazy Quiz Today!
In Case You Missed It At 4:30
Question: Male Patients experience this in hospitals twice as often as female patients do?
Crazy Quiz: Moving Stresses
If you missed the Crazy Quiz today : 37% of adults polled found this causes them the most stress?  Answer: Thirty-seven % named moving causes them the most stress...Find out why