Syncronized Dog Dinner Ballet [Video]
It's the dance of dinner time! Every dog knows the steps and every dog owner appreciates the enthusiasm. I would probably cook more if my family would dance for me when I brought it to the table.
Treadmill Dancer Works It While Working Out [Video]
Dancing is fun, exercise isn't but if you combined the two what do you get? A lot of funny looks at the gym that's for sure. This guy in Florida has taken his love for dancing directly to the gym and placed it squarely on the belt of a treadmill...
Dancing Like Nobody Is Watching [Video]
We should all be so bold. So bold that we let the music take our bodies to places that only music can bring us. This woman is obviously at a friend's wedding. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong at a wedding. I can make no promises but I am willing to bet alcohol is involved somehow in this …

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