This Is How You Let A Woman Know You Love Her [Video]
This may be the most profound expression of true love I have ever heard. What woman wouldn't swoon to hear these incredible words. It is simply beautiful, except for that part at the end. That part is just funny and will make you wish you'd never met Facebook.
5 Relationship Red Flags – Bruce Becomes Dr. Phil [Opinion]
In this article I become one with Dr. Phil. Literally you can click on this narrative and see a complete picture of what Dr. Phil and I would look like if were thrown together in a really bloody, yet awesome, car wreck. You can also see my 5 Red Flags for what is wrong with your relationship. I thin…
A Lesson In Ladies – Miss Dawn Explains It All
Ladies can I get a witness? Miss Dawn is back with another lesson we men need to learn about the fairer sex. This time we learn about dating, listening, and how to choose a movie. Guys, pay attention, this is stuff that can score you major brownie points.
Best Kiss Cam Fail/Win Ever! [Video]
You've seen the kiss cam at the Cajundome and other sporting venues haven't you? It's a roving camera that spotlights couples sitting in the crowd. Once spotlighted the couple is supposed to kiss on camera for everyone to see on the big screen...

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