How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs
Is it getting hot outside or what? Imagine if you had to wear a fur coat during the hot, grueling, summer months. Well, your pet does. If you are a pet owner like myself and your dog is normally an outside dog, you should be paying close attention to their health.
Barney, Former First Dog, Has Died
Barney, who along with his sister Miss Beazley was the resident canine at the White House during George W. Bush's tenure, died Friday at the age of 12. The black Scottish terrier had lymphoma.
Arrest Made In Stolen Dog Case [Updated]
49-year-old Barry Guidry was arrested yesterday on charges of simple burglary of an automobile. Authorities revealed items of clothing belonging to a pair of hunters, Jaime and Davis Arthur, were found in Guidry's home and the arrest was made. It is believed that during the course of the burglary, …
Will This be the Story that Changes Your World? [Video]
As Christmas time approaches we are often reminded that it is more than giving and getting material gifts. This video opened my eyes to the greatest gift anyone could ever give or receive! What is that gift?  It is a secret that is about to be shared with you.

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