Dog Rides a Bike [Video]
The other night on X Factor I saw some dogs doing back flips. Today, I saw this video of a dog riding a bike (with training wheels -- slacker!)
Man Cited for Barking Like a Dog
An Athens, Georgia man was cited recently for violating a county noise ordinance because he reportedly wouldn't stop barking like a dog in his yard! The ordinance state that sounds can't be heard more than 300 feet from their source.
Narcoleptic Dogs – [Videos]
I don't know if you're familiar with the term "Narcolepsy". What It boils down to is pretty much, the individual with it is not capable of controlling when it goes to sleep. Where ever it is, it just drops.
George Strait Gets a New Puppy
It seems George Strait has a new bunkmate on his tour bus. KNIX 102.5 in Phoenix reports that the king of country has adopted a new family member: a Golden Retriever puppy.

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