Shut Up And Take My Money – The Halloween Edition
One of my favorite shopping websites is a place called Shut Up and Take My Money. It's a site that offers unique items for the shopper with a sense of humor, adventure and whimsy. In other words it is perfect for a warped minded, left handed, slightly obtuse thinker such as myself
Wet Dog Wipeout [Video]
A wet dog is running wild through the house after his bath. Little does he know a wood floor and wet dog feet make a disastrous combination. He is okay, I'm sure his pride is a little bruised.
UPDATE: Six Dogs At Crowley Shelter Saved
From KATC -
UPDATE: The six dogs in the Crowley Animal Shelter were adopted prior to the Thursday deadline and have been saved from being euthanized.
Shelter director Tommy Primeaux says the six rat terriers have been in the pound since the beginning of 2013. Pri...

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