Texting Woman Walks Into A Canal [Video]
Texting, it's the new drinking. It allows us to make bigger fools of ourselves than the bottle ever did. Remember a few years ago when a girl at a shopping walked right into a fountain?  At least with the bottle you could say you were drunk, with texting you can only admit that you are stu…
Maybe The Worst Dancer In The World [Video]
Tell the truth, do you think he is nuts or do you admire him for having the guts to be who he is and letting the music take him to a very special place? Oh you think he's drunk? That might be a distinct possibility too.
Man Blames Elephant For His Seventh DUI
There are many reasons why you shouldn't drive impaired. Especially because, in your altered state, you will make ridiculous excuses for your crime upon being confronted with it. You'll do something like blame it on circus animals.

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