Eat Lafayette

Eat Lafayette – Tsunami [Video]
One of the best things going for Lafayette is the fact that we have the best restaurants in the world! The Eat Lafayette campaign continues on now through August 15th and it highlights the locally owned restaurants in the Hub City.
Eat Lafayette Presents Picante’s
One of our food stops with Eat Lafayette was Picante Mexican Restaurant and Cantina. The food has more of a southwestern flare and it is delicious. Only the freshest ingredients are used each day to make the tastiest dishes.
Eat Lafayette Presents Pamplona Tapas Bar & Restaurant
We all know how many amazing restaurants Lafayette has to offer. Eat Lafayette acknowledges the unique and creative, locally owned restaurants in our area. Pamplona Tapas Bar and Restaurant was on the list, and it was a pleasure to meet the kind staff and eat the delicious items from …
Eat Lafayette Presents Johnson’s Boucaniere
Bruce, Jude and I went to Johnson's Boucaniere a couple of weeks ago to film for Eat Lafayette. The barbecue restaurant is quite extraordinary. The food is mouth watering, delicious and fresh. I highly recommend Johnson's Boucaniere to anyone who wants barbecue. Take a look at our video- h…
Eat Lafayette!
The 8th annual Eat Lafayette campaign runs through August 15th. It's a great opportunity to support our local restaurants!
Eat Lafayette – Gallagher’s [Video]
Another edition of the Eat Lafayette Campaign! Did you know you could win a Cruise just for Eating Local?  Yeah pretty cool right?  Well Gallagher's is participating in the Eat Lafayette Campaign, so I took the Dawg Pound down to University, across from UL Lafayette, and we munched do…
Eat Lafayette Takes Jude to Antoni’s Italian Cafe [Video]
The Eat Lafayette campaign rolls on now through August 15th. Jude Walker made a stop recently to one of the fabulous locally owned restaurants, Antoni's Italian Café on Coolidge in the Oil Center. Check out Jude's trip to Antoni's and see if he can now speak TWO words of Italia…
Eat Lafayette – La Cuisine De Maman [Video]
I got a chance once again to Eat Local!  As a part of the Eat Lafayette campaign, I was brought to "Mama's Kitchen" actually it's called La Cuisine De Maman.  I went on a Friday for Lunch and had the Seafood Buffet (so good) and it's such a great price too.  Plus, the Bread Pudding is the …
Stephanie Eats Lafayette with Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro!
There is absolutely NOTHING better than our cuisine here in Louisiana, and especially Lafayette! People come from all over the world to partake in delicious treats that we sometimes take for granted. We are the luckiest people alive to have fresh, local food at our disposal...

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