Betty White To Do Saints MNF Opener
It was a nice run for Hank Williams, Jr. He blew it earlier this year and we all know since then the Monday Night Football openers have, well, STUNK!
That's all about to change though.
Bad Saints QBs Through the Years [Video]
ESPN's Rick Reilly had a pretty funny piece last night before the Saints game. He poetically waxed about all the quarterbacks in New Orleans Saints history.
Although we here at the Bruce & Kennel Club show will always be partial to the Billy Joes, they were just part of a history of bad …
LSU v Ole Miss – Class Or Crass [Video]
What do you think? Was Coach Miles right to take the knee or should he have at least attempted to run a play? The way the Ole Miss defense was playing I'm sure any play other than taking a knee probably would have scored points.
Fan Dressed As Ref Causes Fight On ESPN [Video]
There aren't too many reasons for fans of the mighty S.E.C. to really care about a measly Pac-12 game. Especially if it's a Pac-12 game on a Thursday night but since our Ragin Cajuns will eventually be playing Arizona, there is at least a passing interest in the game. It gets even more int…

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