5K Season Off and Running In The Lafayette Area
There are several great 5k events that are coming up in the Lafayette area and best of all there is one that is perfect for your training and ability. A lot of people think 5k's are just for hard core runners, that couldn't be further from the truth. The running community in the Lafayette …
Burned Out at Work? The Secret is 30 Minutes
It is really common for you to feel like you can't go anymore.  There is a point where you doubt anymore successful outcomes, right?  You are tired, have no creative ideas, feel overwhelmed; well, you are not alone!  But there is a Secret, and it involves 30 minutes.
Palmetto Trail Now Open For Hikers
If you promised yourself you were going to be more active this year the Palmetto Trail could be just the motivation you need. A walk along the trail will carry you through some of the most beautiful areas along the Bayou Teche.
5 Types of Dance That Will Get You Beach Ready
It is almost Mardi Gras and with all of the parties, king cakes, and alcohol many of us have probably forgot about our New Years Resolution:  to get into shape.  Before we know it will be a week until Spring Break and looking in the mirror will not be a pleasant sight.  However...
5 Workouts You Haven’t Tried… Yet
It’s easier to stick to a workout routine if you love it, and few guys love hitting the treadmill day after day. Whether you’ve resolved to make 2012 the year you finally get fit or are just looking for a new way to tone up, these innovative exercises will help you bl…
Run Forrest, Run!
How many times do I tell myself, "I'm going to go run 5 miles today?"  I bet you can already guess what I tell myself..yes I always talk myself out of it.  But when I do run, it feels so great after!  Is there a limit to running? Can you be too tired to run?
Playing Games: Good Or Bad?
The kids get home from school, eat a snack, and then what?  Turn on the Wi , XBox, Playstation...etc (you get the point)  But I'm happy to say, "This could be good!"  It all depends on what games are being played.

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