extreme sports

Parkour, The Fine Art Of….Wait Where Did He Go? [Video]
The past couple of years the sport of Parkour has been sweeping the world. Parkour from my observation is the fine art of running across the roofs of buildings and leaping on the roofs of other buildings.
There is also a good deal of wall climbing, stair jumping and other foolish physical activity a …
Extreme Walking [Video]
I don't know that I am going to put my hard earned money down to watch people walk in formation, unless they are playing musical instruments.
Trampoline Dodge Ball – The Next Extreme Sport? [Video]
Dodge ball may be the single biggest reason I was in the band in school. In our school if you were in band  you didn't have to take P.E. The fact that really big and athletic type people wouldn't be throwing red rubber balls at a high velocity toward my head was a big motivator for me…
Slope Flying – A Leap Of Faith [Video]
The guys in this video or Norwegian, they are also crazy. Why anyone would jump off of a perfectly good mountain totally escapes my thought process. The video is really amazing. I actually felt like I was flying and in fact had to stop the video because I thought we were going to crash into a tree..…