When Demolitions Go Wrong [Video]
This is the case of a smokestack that was supposed to be leveled. Trained professionals could bring a tower like this down basically in its foundation, obviously the folks in this video skimped a little on the professional demolition team. Judging by the snapping power lines and the screams of frigh…
Tent Pitching Fail Caught On Cam [Video]
For fans of the University of Kentucky there is nothing more exciting than Big Blue Madness. This is a celebration of the only reason I can think of that anyone would ever be excited about anything that happened at U.K.; Kentucky Basketball...
Actor Kevin James Between the Legs Tennis Shot Fail [Video]
I obviously watch way too much sports when I find myself actually watching a celebrity tennis exhibition. On Friday ESPN broke from their U.S. Open coverage to show a match featuring former tennis greats John McEnroe and Jim Courier with actors Adam Sandler and Kevin James.
The Worst Dive At The Olympics [Video]
When you and I watch the Olympic games we sometimes forget that those participating are just like you and I, they are human too. Alright they are better trained and more focused than you and I but they are still human.
Meet Stephan Feck of Germany...
Kazakhstan National Anthem Fail [Video]
Let me set this video up real quick. It's the 6th Kostanay Regional Festival of Skiing in Kazakhstan. The opening ceremonies are rolling right along. Some dignitary says a few words and readies everyone for the playing of the much beloved Kazakhstan National Anthem.
Soccer Throw In Mishap
In soccer, when the ball goes out of bounds, nearest player of the opposing team retrieves the ball and then goes to throw it back onto the field, over his head.

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