Best Places to Buy Pumpkins in Lafayette For Halloween
They are the traditional symbols of fall. Put them with a few orange and red oak leaves, a cornucopia and a little bit of hay and you’ve got a scene right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. They are pumpkins. Many people in South Louisiana don’t just display a carved pumpkin for Halloween, the big o…
Woman Breaks Hip in Hospital Lobby, Told to Call 911
If you’re going to fall and hurt yourself, you might think a hospital lobby is a pretty lucky place to do it. After all, the building does house doctors and nurses who can tend to you right away.
That’s what 82-year-old Doreen Wallace thought. But she was wrong.
Fall Arrives In Lafayette And Acadiana Today
It's a good thing the first day of Fall is marked on our calendars because we sure couldn't tell by stepping outside.If my math is right we should officially be in the Fall season at 4:05 this morning.  Dave Baker, our friend and meteorologist at KATC does tell us that it will fe…