Gingerbread Houses – The Good, The Bad, and Mine
It's a holiday tradition around our house. The wife and kids come home from the store with a wonderful holiday creation. It's a gingerbread house kit. A make it yourself in the privacy of your own home kit for creating a domicile of gingerbread. The good news about the kit is most of the h…
ATRO Family Fun Day Saturday
ATRO serves children and adults with special needs, providing horses to be ridden therapeutically. The Family Fun Day will be Saturday, November 1, 2014 at Lafayette’s Cabbage Patch, located on the side of Blackham Coliseum.
Bayou Vermilion Festival & Boat Parade Set For October 19
The Bayou Vermilion Festival & Boat Parade is a celebration of and on the Bayou Vermilion that aims to increase awareness of the river as a viable source of recreation for Lafayette Parish and also serves as a fundraiser for the Bayou Vermilion District's efforts along the Vermilion.

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