Less Snooki And More Of Mr. Rogers [Video]
For so many of us growing up in the 1970's and 80's The Neighborhood of Make-Believe and Fred Rogers' house was a safe haven from a world that was growing more scary every day. Sure we all made fun of Mr. Rogers and his sweater and his sneakers but deep down inside we all craved the k…
Kid Breaks Wine Glass With His Voice [Video]
Here we see a fine young man holding a wine glass. Now this being the year 2012 we aren't sure exactly what he is going to do with that wine glass but we know it's going to be cool because it is on YouTube. Sure enough the little son of gun delivers in a big way!
Incredible Zoo Pictures Using Your Camera Phone [Video]
Here is how you can get some amazing zoo video and have your subjects almost begging to be on camera. As you will see later in the video it also works on humans. This could be just the trick to getting that incredible picture of your newborn or toddler with out having to beg them to sit still!

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