The Hot New Trend for Guys? ‘Mantyhose’
Back in the 1970s, football great Joe Namath did a television commercial for pantyhose, proving that with enough charisma and swagger, the right guy can sell just about anything. His ad was meant for women — but a whole new generation of hose and tights are aimed squarely at men.
The Evolution Of Women’s Hair In 4 Minutes [Video]
Style, it is at best fleeting. What is style? Is it the conveyance of the human condition to fit in right now? Is style a personal attribute that allows us to set ourselves apart from our fellow members of the species? Is style merely a facade created by others as means to earn money and separate us…
100 Years Of Fashion In 100 Seconds [Video]
For people like me the trends of fashion move very slowly. I still wear the same t-shirts and gym shorts to work that I was wearing 10 years ago. Then again my name is usually not mentioned in the same sentence with the word fashion.
Paris Hilton’s Not So Secret Addiction – Shoes [Video]
I don't understand the fascination that women have with shoes. For me they are things to put on my feet so my knarly, hairy toes don't offend those around me. For the ladies, shoes are the ultimate obsession. Krista from the morning show has a walk-in closet full of shoes for all occaision…
Is This America’s Next Fashion Fad? [Video]
Jewelry. I don't think much of it personally but I know it makes my wife happy. What is it about decorating our bodies with shiny things that appeals to us? I guess it is so we can attract a certain amount of attention. Well this ring is certainly getting a lot of attention around the shopping …

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