Forget Resolutions; Make a To-Do List
The time honored tradition of lying to ones self in public about the expectations of a new year. This will be the year I grow wings and then fly to the moon. This will be my year to stop showing up on the red light cameras. This year I will have money to do things I want to do! Believe it or not tha…
Best Buys Of Winter
If you like to pinch your pennies until Abe Lincoln screams then this is for you. We all know if you want to go to the beach, the best time is after Labor Day, same condos cost hundreds less. So what items can your really save big on during the Winter months?
Congress Set To “Screwge” Taxpayers
April 15th might seem like a million miles away but if you are like me that refund check comes just about the time the Christmas Bills are really needing to be paid. Thanks to our "hired hands" in Washington that might come a little later than we are used to.
Social Security Halts Checks
It is a brave new world in which we live, things we have come to count on will no longer be. Do you remember the milk man bringing milk to your door? Or how about using a pay phone? Well the paper check maybe the next icon of my generation to be placed in a museum, even Uncle Sam is sending the pape…