Are You Ready for ‘Meatless Mondays’? — Survey of the Day
Do you think you could ever find the motivation inside your carnivorous brain to not eat meat at least one day a week? We don't mean going full-blown vegan here, just eliminating meat from your diet one out of every seven days.
That is what the city of Los Angeles is hoping to achieve for its citizen…
Man Tries To Eat A Whopper With 1,050 Strips Of Bacon
Japanese website Rocket News decided to pay ¥7000 or $86.85 to add 1050 strips of bacon to a Whopper, then film a dude trying to pig it all down. There are many flaws with this plan, namely that Whopper is the size of a toddler, but the contender here is clearly not prepared for this particular …
The Greatest Addiction Ever: Coffee [Video]
Hello, my name is Bruce Mikells and I am an addict. I am addicted to caffeine and I don't plan on giving up my dirty little habit anytime soon. Am I really that far out of the norm with my need for a hot steaming cup of coffee every morning?
7 Secrets Every Thanksgiving Dinner Host Should Know

Tired of all the Thanksgiving hype, Thanksgiving decorations and extravagance? Or is this your first time hosting a Thanksgiving dinner? Whether you feel the need to go back to basics with the holiday or you want to learn all the facts, don't feel like you're left in the dark.

Everything …

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