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Camera Cable Breaks During NASCAR Race [Video] NSFW
Saturday night Fox Television became part of the story of the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race in Charlotte North Carolina. A cable carrying the network's "sky cam" snapped and dropped down into the crowd and across the track. These steel cables when whipped around by stock cars trav…
Brad Paisley Considered for American Idol Judge
Woah, country superstar Brad Paisley could be a judge on American Idol? I do not think many people (women) would have a problem with that. We just recently learned that FOX network is considering Paisley to occupy one of the vacant judge's chair for their hit series.
Don’t Be Cruel! Glee to Take on Elvis!
As you might imagine in my line of work enjoying music is basically a given. I do love music of many different styles, genres, and eras. I do like Elvis Presley and his music, I have not yet warmed to the style of music performed on the hit TV show Glee! I can understand the popularity of the show, …