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The Weekend Guy’s Picks: Six Game Shows That Should Be Revived
A couple of weeks ago, I posted on my personal Facebook page my excitement that the Game Show Network added Press Your Luck and Sale of the Century to its line-up.  The ensuing discussion in the comments to that post got me thinking about some of the game shows of yesteryear that deserve a seco…
Dumbest Game Show Girl Ever? [Video]
This clip from the classic game show The Newlywed Game helps solidify the stereotype of the "dumb blonde". Watch and laugh along as she tries to figure out the question without looking stupid but winds up failing miserably.
Vanna White On Price Is Right [Video]
Before she got famous flipping her T's and A's on Wheel of Fortune, Vanna White was just like you and me. She wanted to hear those magical TV words, "Come On Down, You're the Next Contestant on the Price is Right" and she did. In this clip from 1980 you can see a dec…

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