Check Out All of Gloriana’s Music Videos
By now you know that Gloriana is playing Outlaws Thursday night. Blaine Roy and Second Wind will be opening the show. VIP doors are at 6:30pm with general admission ticket holders getting in starting at 7:00pm.
Let’s Switch Things Up This Valentine’s Day
Attention men: Valentine's Day is exactly three weeks from today. Do you know what your going to get that special lady in your life? Maybe you have been thinking hard and still have no earthly idea what your going to get your woman... or you mother; or maybe you haven't begun to think abou…
Gloriana Shoots for Number One
If you are an avid country fan, then you most likely know about the new band Gloriana. Gloriana's smashing hit, "Kissed You Good Night" has become extremely popular in the country industry world. Bruce and I had the opportunity to speak with Mike Gossin, the blonde cutie, and …

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