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7 Interesting Louisiana World Records
Louisiana is an interesting place. There are some pretty interesting and strange Guinness World Records too. Put em together and you get some fun stuff! Take a look at these 7 Louisiana World Records currently on the books.
101-Year-Old Louisiana Runner Earns A World Record [Video]
Imagine being 101-years-old and running a 50 yard dash. Kind of hard to imagine, right? Louisiana woman Julia Hawkins, who is indeed 101-years-old, just did exactly that, and such incredible fashion she has earned a world record. Oh yeah, and only started racing competitively last year...when she wa…
7 GOOD Things That Happened So Far In 2016
With many bad things being portrayed in the news, including shootings, celebrity deaths, and more, I thought it was time that we list off some of the GOOD things that have happened so far this year.