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Milk In My Sippy Cup [Video]
Here is a video that a Dad with a whole lot more talent than me created. He used his son playing with his toys as the basis for the track. He added some rhythm and a very kid friendly vocal track and voila the song you might could use to help your kid have fun drinking his or her milk.
10 Mouth-Watering Alternative Cinco de Mayo Treats
It’s May and that means that soon we’ll be celebrating our Mexican heritage, much like we all celebrate our Irish heritage in March…even when we have neither. Cinco de Mayo is a great excuse to leave work early, eat tortilla chips and drink more tequila than sa…
Eat This Remember That! 5 Memory Boosting Foods
I remember growing up my Mom and Dad telling me that certain foods were good for certain bodily functions. Carrots are good for your eyes, milk is good for your bones, beans are good for when you want to be alone. Well scientist have discovered that certain foods actually can help improve your memor…
Eating Vegetables Gives You a Tan
I know eating certain kinds of peppers can make the top of my head sweat but I didn't know that what was in my salad might also help me with my health glow! With all you see and hear about tanning and the negative effects it can have on the body, here is one way you can get that great Summer ti…
Chocolate Fights Depression?
It seems like I am always feeling better when I am eating chocolate. Now is that a fact or just a Bruce fact. I have heard that chocolate is great for getting "in the mood" if you know what I mean, but does it help with actual depression?
Best and Worst Bottled Water
Summer in the hot dirty South, you and your friends have been playing in the late afternoon heat, you're thirsty. In our day that meant a quick stop at the garden hose. Remember having to let it run until it cooled off? Kids and grown folks today are more likely to hit the fridge and grab a bot…
Miranda Kicks It Healthy Style!
Haven't we all been eating way to much food?  Maybe drinking to much?  Well Miranda Lambert has brought the "Kerosene" and burned away her bad eating habits...And she feels so much better!  What's she doing?
Bison It’s Whats For Dinner
Here in South Louisiana we are no strangers to putting things in our mouths that people from other parts of the country might cringe at the thought of. We love our crawfish, oysters and alligator too. But now it seems the hot new dish for trendy foodies is something right out of America's past.…
Save Money: 15 Foods To Avoid
So this year you're going to eat healthier but that usually means you're going to spend more money right? Not so fast my friend with these helpful suggestions you might find that you are losing pounds and your piggy bank is gaining them.

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