100 Years In 10 Minutes [Video]
These events of our past are what have shaped our present and will ultimately direct us for the future. My life begins 5 minutes into the video, depending upon when you were born some of these events are pure history or the story of your lifetime too.
Pass the Popcorn
You ever wonder why popcorn and the movies go together so well? I thought it was because it was quiet and tasty. Turns out it was because it was CHEAP and tasty. At any rate, it's tasty. And by golly I want some right now!
New Orleans Circa 1940
We all have our memories of New Orleans, if you don't then  you either spent too much time on Bourbon Street or you just haven't been. I came across this travelogue piece from the 1940's and found the trip back in time to be quite interesting...
But Is It Fresh?
My kids cringe at the thought of leftovers. Being a parent I know certain things actually taste better the next day like a good spaghetti sauce or even a gumbo. But that is just one day, what about almost two and a half centuries? Uh, I think I will just have a Pop-Tart and call it a night. Still th…