homeless man

Homeless Man’s Funny Talent [Video]
This homeless man has a funny talent that I promise will stop you in your tracks. Usually when you see video of people who are down on their luck you expect something bad. This is something really good.
The man says that people call him Clydesdale and that bushy mustache you see on his upper lip is a…
7 Things To Do If You Ever Find Yourself Homeless
Today’s world is a tough one. The economy is in such shambles that even white collar workers are scrounging for cash. The days of things costing a nickel and America being the king of all kings are far over and unfortunately, society is in the middle of feeling the harsh after affects of a troubled …
Man Found Living on Roof of Waffle House
An air conditioner repairman made a startling discovery while doing work at a Waffle House in Atlanta, Georgia.
According to reports, he found a man living on the roof of the Gordon Highway location. Authorities were quickly notified, and police and firemen were called in to bring him down.