Hurricane Season

Tropical Depression #2 Forms In The Caribbean
From KATC :
Tropical Depression #2 has formed over the extreme western part of the Caribbean Sea along the coast of Belize. As of 10am the depression was located at 16.2N 87.6W or about 60 miles east of the coast of Belize. Winds are 35mph and it is moving WNW at 13 mph...
Tropical Update
What started as an area of showers and thunderstorms in the Caribbean Sea might be known as Debby by the time the week end is over
Shocking Scenes Of Texas Wildfire [Video]
In our state of Louisiana we usually think of hurricanes as our biggest worry in the natural disaster department. What's good about a hurricane is usually we have some advanced warning and can take the proper precautions. The wildfires in our neighboring state of Texas are very different.
Hurricane Season: What The New Forecast Means To You
It's that time of year again, we've had our Memorial Day fun and now we look down the barrel of Mother Natures biggest cannon, the hurricane. The official beginning of the tropical season is June 1, however Mother Nature very seldom checks the calendar to see if it's okay to start. The forecast grou…