mardi gras beads

Why Do We Throw Beads At Mardi Gras?
Mardi Gras in South Louisiana is kind of like breathing - we just do it. There are so many historical traditions, we rarely think about the significance of what we're doing. Why do we even throw beads at Mardi Gras?
Mardi Gras Beads For a Good Cause
If you are looking for Mardi Gras beads, make sure you stop by LARC's Mardi Gras Beads - N - More, to support programs for folks who have developmental and intellectual disabilities.
Mardi Gras Beads Made From Toxic Waste?
It seems that the Mardi Gras beads that are imported from China might contain toxic materials. These unwanted materials such as lead,bromine, chlorine, cadmium, arsenic, tin, phthalates and mercury have been found in beads shipped in from China.