Take The Bacon Quiz
It turns out taking the quiz is a must for the bacon lover in all of us. You will find some healthy tips and learn a lot about my favorite breakfast food in the process..
Simple Causes of Migraines and Easy Cures
As someone who knows all too well the effects of a migraine or horrible headache, I know that it can make life pretty stressful. You never know for sure when one will strike and just how bad it will be. What you do know is that once it starts, your day will probably have to stop.
State Police Want Your Prescription Drugs
There is a ticking time bomb in your house. It's all those expired and unused medications in your medicine cabinet. Saturday State Police will help you dispose of those items properly as part of a national program with the Drug Enforcement Agency.
‘Viagra for Women’ Getting Closer, Currently in Trials
Mad scientists have been hard at work trying to develop a sex-drive-enhancement drug for women ever since those wily old coots emerged nearly 15 years ago with a little blue pill called Viagra. Interestingly enough, it appears as if science is no match for men dedicated to breeding a society full of…

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