Why Is A Kiss More Than Just A Kiss?
You could tell your significant other or a total stranger that this is all being done in the name of science. Kissing is so much more than just the romance we see on the silver screen. There is an actual science to the whole process.
5 Incredible Facts That Will Absolutely Astound You
Sometimes it isn't just about knowing over or under, sometimes you just have to bother the learn the truth. While all of these facts are fascinating I find fact #2 in this list to be the most helpful bit of information I have ever learned. It may be the best time saving tip I have ever come acr…
Two Minutes To A Better Love Life [Video] SFW
Oddly enough the phrase love life and two minutes have long gone hand in hand in my world but in this case we aren't talking about something you can't discuss in front of the kids. This is one thing that every person who loves another person should learn how to do. It may only take two mi…
Skin Care Tips for the Guys
It's a given that women care a little more about their skin and complexion than your average, manly man. Sure, there are plenty of guys who wash their face with the latest acne cleanser, but I also know a lot of men who don't even have a facial cleanser anywhere in their house. I found som…
Find True Love Down On The Farm [Video]
This may be the only dating website you will ever need. If you like talking farm animals that is. Actually this makes sense to me, since farming is a lifestyle you better know what your getting into before you go and fall in love.

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