michael jackson

Michael Jackson Surgical Mask Up For Auction
Thanks to a former bodyguard, one of the black surgical masks that Michael Jackson wore in public is now on the auction block. Eric Muhammad, the bodyguard who possesses the mask, claims Jackson wore the mask the night before he died.
You Too Can Moonwalk [Video]
How can a portly white guy learn to do the step that made the King of Pop an even bigger icon? All I need is confidence and a great instructional video.
Macaulay Culkin Karaoke’s My Way [Video]
I think the only thing Macaulay Culkin ever did that I liked was Home Alone, the first one not the sequels. I thought his relationship with Michael Jackson was very creepy. I am being kind by only saying creepy. Mac has made a few other movies that were okay, I thought My Girl was alright, sad, but …