Trumpet Prank Ruins Celebration [Video]
You see them marching smartly down the street, in step and in time to the drum beat. They are a marching band. Then you hear it! Not the stirring sound of brass instruments in perfect time and harmony, it's the sound of a lone trumpet being played very badly.
Welcome To Norway! [Video]
Have you ever found yourself watching something that you didn't intend to watch but for some reason you watched it anyway? This is one of those things. I just happend to find this video about Norway and decided to click. What a fascinating place!
Norway Attacks: Oslo Hit By Bomb Explosion & Youths Shot At Camp
Norway has suffered the worst attack in its postwar history as terrorists bombed Oslo's central government district and opened fire at a political youth camp on an island near the capital...
At least seven people have been confirmed killed because of this, many others injured...