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U.S. Navy SEAL Team 6 Saves The Lives Of Two Prisioners
U.S. Navy SEALs parachuted into a camp in Somalia under cover of darkness early on Wednesday. They crept through the camp where an American woman and Danish man were being held hostage. The nine kidnappers were dead and both hostages were freed shortly there after.
The Janitor Knew Where Osama Was!
The Pakistani Military couldn't find their butts with both hands, in my opinion. If you happen to be Pakistani and I have offended you, please consider the evidence that I am about to present. Your supreme fighting force couldn't find Osama but the janitor on a popular American Televi…
Navy SEALS Rely On Man’s Best Friend Too
Imagine it's pitch black and your flying just a few feet above the treetops into hostile territory. You are a Navy SEAL and you are on a mission to take down the world's most wanted terrorist. Besides your training and equipment you've brought along another secret weapon. You've …
Sebastian Sings About Osama’s Death
We thought we had every angle of Osama Bin Laden's death covered until we found out that good friend of the Bruce & Kennel Club Show, Sebastian from Little Mermaid, done did a song! Enjoy the bubbly goodness here:
Voice From The Grave Expected: Osama’s Last Words?
United States military intelligence officials are hinting at what a lot of us have suspected, we haven't heard the last of Osama Bin Laden. It is widely thought among the intelligence community that a doomsday tape was recorded days before the terrorist madman was killed by an elite group of N…
Crowds React To Death Of Bin Laden
An almost decade long man hunt for terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden ended in a hail of gunfire in Pakistan. The news of the death of the most wanted man in the world was met with celebration in the two cities that were most affected by his 9/11 terror plot

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