Bruce’s 7:30 Video: Don’t Do This, It Hurts
When I was a kid we all wanted to be Evel Kneivel the daredevil and we would do things like this. I remember many times flying off ramps on my bike and hitting trees and parked cars and other children. Thank Goodness the video camera had yet to be invented!
TENS Is It #1 For Chronic Pain?
I know so many people that spend everyday of their lives hurting, not just the emotional kind, the real pain in the pick a body part hurting. So many people suffer from what used to be known as a bad back. But how can you have a "normal" life and deal with the pain? There is techno…
Don’t Ignore The Pain
Why is my body hurting?  What about my tooth? My abdomen?  Well you might not know why, but it's better to check it out with a certified person because pain is telling you something is wrong!