Absolute Must-Haves For A Summer Party In South Louisiana
I think it is safe to say that we know how to 'throw down' here in South Louisiana. Parties have always been a way of life for us and having a good time pretty much runs in our blood. From taking a trip to the river to lighting the pit on the patio, we can bring the party anywhere.
Tis the Season for Ugly, Christmas Sweaters
It's time to dig through the very back of your closet for the most hideous, Christmas sweater you own.  For some reason we get a kick out of throwing ugly, Christmas sweater parties, and I can see why. Who wouldn't enjoy laughing at your their friends dressed in their parents clothes …
What Are the Top Party Schools in America?
With amateur boozehounds, junkies and derelicts of all shapes and sizes now flocking to makeshift dormitory brothels on the campuses of some of the finest facilities of higher education across the United States, we thought the time was right to unleash the list of the 2012 top party schools in Ameri…

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