Are Morning People Happier Than Night Owls?
Turns out those chirpy morning people really are happier than night owls — a new study says that as we get older, we tend to shift to more of a daytime schedule, and that it makes us more cheerful people overall.
Test Your Personality In Under 2 Minutes [Video]
This is a personality test that takes about one minute to complete and I found the results to be amazingly accurate. If you have a minute and can stand to hear the truth about your personality I challenge you to take this simple test.
Your Purse= Your “Pers”onality?
I don't have a purse, nor do I ever want one!  Wait I lie there's a picture of me on the Dawg Facebook page holding a ladies purse...You caught me!  But did you know that thing you carry around can tell people a lot about what?