Louisiana Family’s Dog Dies From ‘Swamp Cancer’
Here in South Louisiana, things tend to get a little more hazardous than in other parts of the country. The wildlife and terrain can be pretty unforgiving. Today I learned about something new we can add to the list. "Swamp Cancer" is something that can affect animals and even humans. Unfor…
Lafayette Animal Control UL Game Dog of the Week- BINX! [VIDEO]
When the Cajuns football team plays, the volunteers at Lafayette Animal Control select a canine friend to represent. As the boys in vermilion and white head to San Marcos to take on Texas State Saturday, Binx is the UL Game Dog of the Week! He's a happy terrier looking for a family to love.
My Dog And Her Ice-Capades [VIDEO]
We got a yellow lab puppy named Harley Mae. She is completely spoiled and is a constant source of entertainment. After she was spayed, the vet suggested giving her ice water to get her to drink. How funny!

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