Living Statue Prank [Video]
If you are going to be joining us in New Orleans for the New Orleans Bowl in a couple of weeks there is no doubt that you will be spending some time in the French Quarter or Jackson Square. I like those parts of New Orleans for the most part. The part I don't like is the guys that dress up like…
Kids Prank Causes Car Crash [Video]
First, the trick is amazing, second you have to wait until the end of the video for the punch line. It is worth it. I would hate to be the insurance agent that got called out on this one.
Scotty McCreery Falls Off the Stage, Gets Pranked by Brad Paisley
When Scotty McCreery took the stage to open for Brad Paisley in Bethel, N.Y. over the weekend, he must not have paid close enough attention to the width of the walkway into the crowd. Either that, or maybe he was rocking out so hard during the final tune of his set that he lost his balance, because …

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