Japanese Ghost Prank [Video]
There are just enough mysteries and stories of haunted places like Chretien Point and T'Frers house here locally that provide just enough doubt to keep us all on our toes. I don't like to be scared, I sure don't like to be scared and then made fun of. The scaring and making fun of, th…
Funny Prank Promises You Will Always Sleep Alone [Video]
This is a prank that I wouldn't suggest you try in South Louisiana. There are a couple of reasons why I wouldn't suggest it. The first reason is South Louisiana women do not run away when you are attempting to take their stuff. Reason number 2, a lot of ladies in South Louisiana carry conc…
Proof That Women Are Naturally More Jealous Than Men [Video]
I think the reason is because women are more sophisticated and analytical in their thinking. Men either didn't notice the circumstances or just really don't care. This video speaks volumes as to the assumption that women have about men. That assumption is that we are guilty until proven in…
My What In A Box? [Video]
No it's not THAT in a box, it's something totally different but still just as funny. Have you ever been walking by a parked car and the person that owns the car hits their remote alarm button and the car horn goes off?

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