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‘Storage Wars’ Star Sues A&E, Calls Show A “Fraud”
Fans of reality TV often walk a strange tightrope, accepting in the back of their minds that the events being presented are somewhat staged, or even edited to appear more dramatic than they really are. That line isn't often called into question, but 'Storage Wars' star Dave Hester is fighting back a…
Louisiana’s Takeover Of Reality TV
Louisiana’s takeover of reality TV has been swift and unexpected. What started with History Channel’s hit “Swamp People” has spawned countless well seasoned imitators
Worst Reality Stars Turned Singers [VIDEO]
Hey...I can't sing a note, even though I make my living behind a microphone. But I DON'T PUT OUT A CD. Duh. Heidi Montag-really? Some of these people must have money to burn, because it's not cheap to produce music these days.If you need a laugh today, here is your opportunity, y…