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Crazy Strange Japanese Reality Show [Video]
There is a new reality show across the Pacific looks to be pretty interesting. I am not sure what it is called but I am guessing it must be " If You Don't Die, You Win". Based upon this short clip, it looks to be pretty intense.
‘The Price is Right’ to Add Male Display Models
Haven’t you ever been groggily watching ‘The Price is Right’ one morning, only to find yourself thinking, “boy, that reasonably priced set of crystal stemware would seem more obtainable if it were presented by a handsome chap, rather than this distractingly attractive gal?”  Word for word, you say? …
Reality TV Beauty Queen Arrested For Prostitution
Alicia Guastaferro is notorious for being one of the least likable reality TV stars of all time (which is saying something considering the competition). In a 2008 appearance on ‘Wife Swap’ she was spoiled by her parents who leave their Christmas tree up all year and shower her daily with gifts (duri…
America’s Got Talent: Episode 12 Review
Last night we witnessed not only a couple of contestants immediately being thrown out of the competition but seeing some others blowing their big chance to make it big. Yes, we’re in the midst of “Vegas Week” here in ‘America’s Got Ta…
Kenny Chesney Says ‘No’ to Reality Television
Kenny Chesney, who’s already said ‘No’ to Twitter, has no desire to be a part of another pop culture craze. The singer recently dismissed any notion of associating himself with a reality television show or a singing competition a la Blake Shelton.

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